Playing games allows us to get to the heart of a flow of images because it inhibits the automatism and oversimplification that typically feature in the way we process visual stimuli. On that basis, the images included in the volume “imFlusse” present no predefined interpretative models and offer infinite meanings through multiple and different interpretations.

An initial sense of bewilderment is quite expected when we first look at these images. That very feeling of confusion allows us to recognise that inherent degree of mental short-sightedness that often leads us to see only what we already know and what we have previously witnessed and classified. However, by giving ourselves some time, we discover that we are all capable of seeing, feeling, and playing with our imagination. In their infinite cultural variations, tarots have traditionally forced us to accept and hold opposites together. It is precisely from the clash of these extremes that our bias, contradictions and inadequacies arise. The sense of awareness generated by this inescapable feeling is quite moving as it brings about wonder in our search for the unexpected sense of beauty. This happens when we fully engage with our senses and seeing becomes an individual creative experience that makes us feel more alive. Breaking things down or creating hierarchies and boundaries becomes unnecessary as the casual encounter of juxtapositions offers surprising and interpretative possibilities.

Traditionally, Major Arcana tarots are the most meaningful cards because they express primaeval ideas common to men. The sequence of images taken from “imFlusse”, like a game of tarots, aims to stimulate a personal vision that requires a degree of openness with oneself.